27 - 29 June, 2017 | London, UK

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6th Annual Big Data Monetisation for Telecoms Summit: Download Agenda

The 6th Annual Big Data Monetisation for Telecoms Summit continues to be your one-stop-shop for all things data, giving you the tools and insight you need to identify new revenue streams and deliver ROI. Returning to London for its 6th year, the longest-running event of its kind boasts exclusive case-studies from the biggest and most innovative operators in Europe:

  • Francois Bourquin, Chief Digital Officer - Orange
  • Vit Soupal, Head of Big Data Strategic Initiative EU - Deutsche Telekom
  • James Alexander, Decisioning Director - Sky
  • Richard Benjamins, Group Director BI & Big Data for Internal Exploitation - Telefonica Europe
  • Oliver Hansard, VP Data Services - Liberty Global
  • Peggy Barthes-Streit, Head of Mobile Data - EE
  • Silvana Mucha, Director of Innovation & Big Data - Digicel Group
  • Helen Mannion, Head of Business Intelligence - GiffGaff

Check out the complete speaker panel and their presentation details in the complete agenda >>

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How Digiturk is using Big Data Analytics to Shape Loyalty Schemes and Customer Retention

Find out how Digiturk improves customer retention through more effective product delivery and big data analytics.

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How telecoms providers are leveraging big data for customer insight

In this eBook, telecoms operators from across the globe tell us how they are taking new approaches to data and insight to reduce churn, improve segmentation analysis and radically improve the customer experience across all touch points. Read on to hear from Telefonica, Orange and Digiturk…

Data Protection & Regulation: Why Telecoms Operators Need to Act Fast

EU-based businesses find themselves faced with the prospect of new consumer data privacy laws in the form of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). From hiring a Data Protection Officer to knowing how to avoid costly data leakage, we look at the reasons for why telecoms operators cannot afford to delay their planning...

Monetising mobile location data: From driving to advertising

Among the key discussions that are set to take place at this year’s conference will be the opportunities emerging in the space of mobile location data and the rise of Smart Cities. When it comes to big data, these fields represent some of the most intensive channels for collection. But of course, with more opportunity comes more complex challenges....

Big Data Benchmarking Report 2016

Various sources of information are providing companies access to unprecedented amounts of data, whether they come from management systems, customer data, customer feedback, market data, or social media. While Big Data offers the promise of unprecedented insight into business operations and customers it also poses a number of new challenges.

This special report, featuring original research data and interviews with leading practitioners and experts in the field,  looks at the ways that companies are tackling the challenges and opportunities for companies to effectively convert, use and maximize the value of data collected into real business value.

The journey towards an effective big data programme will be one of the key lines of discussion at this year's conference.

[INFOGRAPHIC] GDPRmageddon - A Warning For The Telecoms Industry

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was adopted on 27th April 2016 and enters into application on 25th May 2018. It was designed to strengthen protection of personal data for all EU citizens, and affects companies of all sizes, in all regions, and across all industries. 

Some alarming numbers emerged with respect to just how (under) prepared companies were for the most significant data-centric legislation to date. The are arrayed in the following infographic and make for somber reading. Telecoms companies be warned: you are not immune from the contagion…

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: A Behind The Scenes Look at Telefónica's Evolving Big Data External Monetisation Model

In this never before told full story behind Telefónica’s external monetisation journey, we speak to Lorraine Stone, UK Country Director, Telefónica Dynamic Insights, about the origins of its Big Data SmartSteps programme. The interview looks at how the telecommunications giant has adapted its proposition to become more flexible and bespoke, whilst enhancing the value of its data to multiple sectors.

Market Insight: 3 Game Changers in Big Data External Monetisation

In this eBook, Deutsche Telekom, Orange and Telecom Italia open up in exclusive interviews about their Big Data Monetisation journeys. You’ll attain a glimpse of pilots, initial results, challenges, and their respective plans for the future in converting Big Data into tangible value-added external monetisation propositions. 

Infographic: How to create a money making Big Data machine

With some sources estimating that data network traffic from smartphones will grow more than 50-fold by 2016 it’s clear that telecommunications companies are awash with data. But there’s a big difference between panning for gold and actually striking it. So how are telcos REALLY monetizing big data?

Exclusive Presentations

Presentation: Determining how to enhance customer value and ensure churn reduction through Big Data

Nejat Sismanoglu from Turkcell spoke at last year's summit about developing a data strategy in the telecommunications industry. He walked the conference attendees through a step-by-step process, from identifying needs to generating revenue. Download his presentations and you will feel as if you were there!

Presentation: Data Quality and Big Data Monetisation in Telecoms

Dean Eyre spoke at the 2014 summit and addressed the importance of data quality and its effects on any telecom business. He walked the audience through the process of turning raw data into consumable insight, demonstrating some key terms and statistics along the way.

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Who's attending our data analytics events?

A new era of mainstream adoption of big data and advanced analytics continues across the globe, offering the promise of unprecedented insight into business operations, customers, efficiency, levels of service, revenue and business models. Recognising the importance of this arena, Data Analytics IQ has become a world leader in organising big data and analytics conferences. European markets covered have so far included Pharma, Retail, Insurance, Telecoms and Financial Services. View the infographic to find out more!


Telcos back Big Data to drive new revenue streams

Did you know that when surveyed, 91% of senior telecoms managers agree that Big Data should be a key strategic priority for operators? Telecoms IQ, in cooperation with European Communications, brings you a special report: Telcos back Big Data to drive new revenue streams. The study shows how, within the telecoms industry, Big Data is becoming one of the most important value drivers going forward.

Data aware platforms deliver a differentiated service in M2M, IoT and Big Data

As more devices, things, people and systems continue to “talk” to one another in the M2M and IoT world, enterprises will look to integrate more of these technology solutions as part of their core business processes, and in so doing, pursue the opportunities from machine-generated data. Data management, implicit in application development, will closely follow and emerge as a critical platform feature as businesses look to transform data into enterprise assets of value.

Big Data Opportunities and Telecoms

This exclusive report, published by Mind Commerce, details the growing trend of operators placing Big Data at the heart of their business priorities. Operators are unanimous in their belief that using Big Data is now a crucial strategy for generating more revenues and enhancing profits. However, just because operators have woken up to the reality of Big Data, doesn’t mean they know how to successfully exploit their data assets.

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The Fourth Way: Big Data For Social Good

Download your complimentary copy of the just released interview, with Richard Benjamins, Group Director of Business Intelligence & Big Data at Telefónica; 'The Fourth Way: Big Data For Social Good'. Discover the strategies and technologies that are empowering telecoms operators to turn their data into cash, and explore the emergence of a “fourth way” in which big data can be used for societal improvement. >>


McKinsey & Company’s Report: Big Data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity

Big Data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity